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Let's Talk: Beauty of Colour Cosmetics -Melanin Treasure Palette Review

     (Article by Melanin Girl Mag )

Every once in a while you come across something amazing that you never knew you needed. This palette right here is the gem you never knew you needed! The Melanin Treasure Palette is from the blacked owned business, Beauty of Colour Cosmetics. It is the brand's first collection spreading a positive message:

Our Melanin is Precious. Our Melanin is a treasure and our Melanin is Greatness! It is a cruelty-free eyeshadow palette that definitely makes a statement. If your interested to know more about this palette, look no further we got all you need to know right here.

First thing first, let's talk about the packaging! Looking at the palette, you can immediately see that a lot of time was put into the packaging. It has a very luxe feel to it and is definitely high quality. Your eyes are drawn to the holographic sheen on the cover, which highlights the 5 melaninated ladies. Talk about #Melaningirlpower being front and center.

 Now let's get into the star of the show, the palette itself. It features 18 colors, 16 matte shades, and 6 glitters/shimmer colors. There is a nice mix of warm and cools tones to achieve a variety of looks you desire. From natural to bold to day to night, this palette has your back. Without a doubt, this can easily be a staple for your everyday looks.


Now we can't forget about the pigmentation. The colors are very bright, vibrant, and show up true to color. It doesn't take much for the colors to show up on the skin. There is a little bit of fallout, but not to alarming. Even high-end palette have their fair share of fallout from the color. The colors are very blendable, which aid in getting that flowless gradient eye look.

All in all the palette is pretty amazing. The Melanin Treasure Palette is truly a treasure and is a must for every #Melaningirl beauty collection. No matter the shade of melanin you are, this palette will be a great compliment to your beauty collection. Inspired by queens like yourself you can Unleash your Creativity and order your very own Melanin Treasure palette today at www.beautyofcolour.com.

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