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Article 1: Melanin Treasure Eyeshadow Palette by Beauty Of Colour
We all dream of having the best makeup! The world of accessories and make-up products is a vast universe where many brands and different models exist. Difficult to be there with all varieties of existing products, especially when it comes to sublimate his eyes!
Create endless looks by finding high-end eyeshadow. Eyeshadow allows you to sublimate your eyes. Whether you have brown, blue or green eyes, the eye shadow will bring you complete satisfaction, provided you choose a quality product!
Eyeshadow exists today in different forms (powder, pencil, cream, mousse ...). A quality eyeshadow will tend to be easy to apply, also to resist water perfectly. To be certain of choosing the best eyeshadow, we advise you to prefer the new product of the brand Beauty Of color. Melanin Treasure Eyeshadow is a new high-end make-up product with a wide collection of skin tones.
Launched in December 2018 by Beauty Of Color, the new eyeshadow Melanin Treasure contains 18 eyeshadows (12 matte eyes and 6 eyeshadow) highly pigmented and incredibly beautiful. Melanin Treasure Eyeshadow allows you to achieve a sexy and seductive look with a greedy color palette to enhance your look in the blink of an eye. This eye shadow allows you to instantly brighten your look.
With its vibrant hues, this new makeup product allows for the endless combination of intense and bright colors for a unique make-up. Thanks to its ultra smooth and soft texture, this make-up ensures perfect makeup
Melanin Treasure eyeshadow, the result of research and innovation, is suitable for all skin types. Sophisticated colors apply easily and adhere flawlessly for a look, both modern and sensual.
Melanin Treasure Eyeshadow is the guarantee of:
 A wide range of shades with 1 2 matte and 6 metallic shades;
 Intense and perfect colors and hues;
 Formula suitable for all skin types;
 Soft texture and pigmented.
In short, this product adapts to all the desires and needs of make-up. You will find on beautyofcolour.com everything you need to create the perfect makeup of your dreams.
So what are you waiting for to carve, define, illuminate and sublimate your eyes with the new Melanin Treasure eye shadow palettes!

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